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Figured a good way to start would be to say hello and introduce myself! Thanks for stopping by and showing interest in my work!

I’m Corbin Benjamin Stone. Graphic Designer, Adventurer and Cookie lover.

I found design a little later in life, spent some years dabbling in sales and advertising (accounts) before realizing I love to solve problems by creating. I’ve spent the last few years in design at IKEA, designing creative solutions inspired by every-day challenges.

I love to get outside, explore cities and landscapes with my pups and partner by my side. Whether it’s snowboarding, hiking, or beer-league softball – sign me up.

I find inspiration everywhere, so my camera and iPad are never out of arm's reach.

If you’d like to partner on some great work or chat about projects you think I’d be a good fit for – reach out! Can’t wait to hear from you.

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